About CDLA Now


CDLANow.com is an independent blog where we lend our knowledge on dentistry to online readers so we can uplift the oral health of people all over the world. All our writers are based in Malaysia, all of whom are experienced dental practitioners who will provide you with professional and unbiased advice on different oral health topics that need to be discussed.

Our goal is to promote dental health awareness to as many people and communities as possible. Information on dental practices, oral health issues, and promoting good oral hygiene are just some of the major topics we’ll be discussing in our blogs.

Our writers will also take the time to provide information on oral health products in the market so that you can make informed decisions during your purchases. This initiative is a part of our belief in preventive dentistry and our dream of increasing the number of people who know about it.

The foundation of this site is to deliver our message in improving oral health for everyone. We created this online platform in the hopes that our voice will be heard by the public.

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